OChain – indications of it’s function

Marks on the freehub

May you’ve seen these marks in your freehub or in your friends one. Strange that they do not appear on every Mountainbike.

hope hub marks

They only appear on rear chainrings, which are singely mounted to the freehub. Often bigger chainrings are riveted to a part together. In some YouTube bikemechanic videos you see these marks come up harder and more weak, in some you do not see them. They appear also on City bikes. At the City Bikes these marks result from pedaling hard, but also on Mountainbikes it can be the same way. Pedalkickback can also bring a heavy load to the casette and the freehub.

Pedal Kickback

I alwys was riding shimano casettes and never had these freehub marks, cause I’m not pedaling hard. Sun Ringle, DT Swiss and Giant branded freehubs I was riding in the past 10 years. Some friends bought the first OChain active spider and all of them were telling, that they feel more stable on the bike. So it should really help to reduce the pedal kickback. Heres a video which explain the Pedal kickback.

OChain installing and function

It was the time I should get Ochain too. It was not that easy to put the OChain on my Pivot Phoenix. For installing I’ve made a YouTube Video. Some serios changes like a new axle and special spacers were needed to get the active spider proper adapated to my bike.

OChain actually gives the chainring 4° to 12° freedom to rotate on the crank axle. If the chain pulls from behind only the chainring gets pulled and the axle stay in place. That’s the theory. At 13:50 in the Video you see how it works.

Testing OChain on myself

6° rotating angle were preinstalled. At the first day it is kind of weird to pedal into nothing, but on the second day I was used to it and there was no disadvantage for me to feel. I liked it, I was able to keep my feet more determinated on my pedals.  My riding style regarding shoe contact to my pedals in former times was very lose. I didn’t wanted to absorbe all these forces coming up over the pedals to my feet. This was also the reason wh I never had any of these marks, not a slightly one. Feeling more confident and trusting  my silent pedals, I was standing with more strenght on the pedals. The result were the marks in my freehub. 6° degrees are way to less to reduce Pedal Kickback in certain situations.

Freehub DT SWISS Shimano
marks after using OChain for some days on the Pivot Phoenix ridden by Thomas
Freehub Sun Ringle Shimano
Sun Ringle freehub used in same setup just without OChain

The chain was able to pull 6° and after that there was no movement possible anymore. I was standing very confident on my pedals and didn’t moved a millimeter. The bike was already deep in it’s travel, so the force of the Pedal Kickback is getting from 0 to a very high load without any time in between.

But theres also an easier explanation for these marks. Espacilly if I’m not used to the feeling having on the first few degrees no resistance, my pedal stroke is getting harder and is causing these marks.

Write it into the comments below if you also got such marks after using OChain.

Changing elastomers for decreasing rotating angle

My next step was to deacrease the roatating angle at first to 9°, because the 12° degrees you have to order seperatly. The instructions how to change the elastomeres is shown in the video.

Make sure you use grease with very low viscosity, otherwise the system is getting stuck.

Be carefull, I ruined my threads in my ochain, because I was using 4Nm tightening torque. OChain lasered a too high torque recommandation on it’s product. At the newer ones OChain only recommends 3Nm.

OChain Markierung 4Nm
old OChain marked with max 4Nm tightening torque
OChain Markierung 3Nm
new OChain marked with max 3Nm tightening torque

Due to my OChain I have to wait for spare parts, I can’t give you further details how it works with the 9° elastomeres. I will keep inform you further, when they arrived and I made new experiences.

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OChain – indications of it’s function

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